In my everyday job I have to constantly ssh to a lot of different servers and up until several days ago I used to make a different launcher for every server in order to avoid typing constantly ssh user@server. It kind of even got me to appreciate some ssh clients for Windows (shame on me) like Putty. All this, until a few days back, when I finally had enough of it and decided to find something better for my Linux to ease up my life.

It did not take me long to come upon the SSHMenu app. It lets you keep all your ssh connections “withing a single mouse click” and is very flexible. For example, you can organize your connections in groups and subgroups, you can prepend or append commands to the connection strings (for dynamic port forwarding, X sessions, etc.) and use the profiles from your terminal to customize the looks of each and every one of them. I am sure that there are a lot of other apps that address this issue as well, but I don’t have to look any further. SSHMenu does everything I needed and even more. It is funny how things so simple can make (or break) your day.

I have no idea why this functionality is not built streight into Gnome or KDE.

SSHMenu – it is good to find things that make your life a bit easier

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