There are a few applications that give the geographical location of an IP address *. My favorite one is VisualRoute. It not only maps the location of the source and destination IP addresses, but also all the hops in between. The down side to it is that it is not available for Linux and it costs $50 per user.

The site gives you pretty much the same information online for free, but it has been down for quite some time now.

Lately I have been using But it only maps the destination IP address.

If anyone knows of a Linux application that would map all the hops and the final IP destination, please leave a comment!

* IP addresses do not have a geographical location per se. Any program that maps IP addresses can only give you where the whole class of IP addresses (that the specified IP address belongs to) is registered to be located at. They do this by querying a database that has that information. This is accurate down to a city level at best. Do not expect to find where someone lives by their IP address!

Find the Geopgraphical Location of an IP Address

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