ProGuard writes the mapping file under the build directory of the project. Under normal circumstances all files and directories under the build dirs are excluded from version control. That is a bit of an issue if you want to be able to save that file with every release build. I always forget to this manually. So, let’s do that at build time with Gradle and while we are at it, we might as well rename our apk file, so we don’t have to do that manually either.

Here is the relevant code to put in our build.gradle file:

import java.util.regex.Matcher
import java.util.regex.Pattern

buildTypes {
        release {
        debuggable false
        minifyEnabled true
        proguardFiles 'proguard.cfg'

        // Rename the apk file and copy the ProGuard mapping file to the root of the project
        applicationVariants.all { variant ->
            if (variant.getBuildType().name.equals("release")) {
                def formattedDate = new Date().format('yyyyMMddHHmmss')
                def projectName = ""
                variant.outputs.each { output ->
                    def fullName =
                    projectName = fullName.substring(0, fullName.indexOf('-'))
                    // ${} has the value of "paidRelease"
                    output.outputFile = new File((String) output.outputFile.parent, (String)".apk", "-v${variant.versionName}-${formattedDate}.apk"))
                def mappingFile = "${rootDir}/${projectName}/build/outputs/mapping/${getCurrentFlavor()}/release/mapping.txt"
                println("mappingFile:  ${mappingFile}")
                if (variant.getBuildType().isMinifyEnabled()) {
                    variant.assemble.doLast {
                        copy {
                            from "${mappingFile}"
                            into "${rootDir}"
                            rename { String fileName ->

    debug {
        debuggable true

def getCurrentFlavor() {
    Gradle gradle = getGradle()
    String  tskReqStr = gradle.getStartParameter().getTaskRequests().toString()
    Pattern pattern;

    if( tskReqStr.contains( "assemble" ) )
        pattern = Pattern.compile("assemble(\\w+)(Release|Debug)")
        pattern = Pattern.compile("generate(\\w+)(Release|Debug)")

    Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher( tskReqStr )

    if( matcher.find() )
    else {
        println "NO MATCH FOUND"
        return "";
Gradle – Automatically rename the .apk file and copy the ProGuard mapping.txt file
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